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Nothing beats a great workout. Here at South Yuba Club, we offer an extensive Group Exercise program taught by certified, enthusiastic instructors.

  • Certified Instructors 100%
  • Cardio | High Intensity Classes 62%
  • Low Impact Classes 38%
  • Boredom 0%


Offered 3 Days a Week

Exclusive to South Yuba Club

We believe there is something for every “body”. From Zumba® to Pilates, Yoga, Tai Chi, Aqua Aerobics, Les Mills BodyPump®, BodyStep®, BodyFlo®, BodyCombat®, BodyAttack®, H.I.I.T, Spinning, and the ever popular Muscle N’ Funk. We are continually updating and enhancing our classes.

Les Mills BodyCombat™

Les Mills BodyCombat™ is a 60 minute high intensity martial arts-inspired workout that is totally non-contact. Punch and kick your way to fitness. No experience needed. Learn moves from Karate, Taekwondo, Boxing, Muay Thai, Capoeira and Kung Fu. Release stress and have a blast. Burn up to 740 calories and feel like a Champ!

Les Mills BodyAttack™

Les Mills BodyAttack™ is a 60 minute high energy fitness class with moves that cater to both beginning and advance students. A total body workout is achieved through athletic movements like running, lunging, and jumping as well as strength movements such as push-ups and squats. You will be energized by the music and led through the workout by a certified instructor. Burn up to 730 calories and leave with a sense of accomplishment.

Les Mills BodyPump™

Les Mills BodyPump™ is the original barbell class that strengthens and tones your entire body. This 60-minute workout challenges all your major muscle groups through scientifically proven moves and techniques. Great music, incredible instructors and your choice of weight inspire you to get the results you came in for – FAST. Burn up to 540 calories.


H.I.I.T. aka High Intensity Interval Training is 30 minutes of cardio training in which you alternate short, very high intensity intervals. By incorporating intense periods of work with short recovery segments, intervals allow you to keep the workout intensity high while still maintaining form. The magic of high intensity interval training (or H.I.I.T. for short) lies in its ability to keep you burning fat even after you leave the gym. It’s short, sweaty, and to the point – what could be better!


Spinning® combines energizing music with a unique cycling workout. Take our cycling classes and pedal your way to great health. Cycle exercise classes deliver a great fitness workout with powerful results, including cardiovascular strength, lower total cholesterol, decreased stress and improved quality of life. This class is tailored to suit a wide range of abilities and fitness goals. Don’t forget a towel and a bottle of water… you will SWEAT!


CXWORX is a short, sharp workout that really hones in on the torso and sling muscles that connect your upper body to your lower body. It’s ideal for tightening your tummy and butt, while also improving functional strength and assisting in injury prevention. It’ll help you run faster — play harder — stand stronger!

Muscle N' Funk

Muscle N’ Funk is a 75 minute brilliantly choreographed fusion of dance and well balanced muscle work in an aerobic format. This class is jammed packed full of energy. Register early, this class has a following and frequently reaches capacity. Great for all fitness levels. Exclusive to South Yuba Club. Choreographed and designed by Teresa Cull.


Zumba® is a 60 minute fun, energetic dance fitness program that will make you feel amazing. Zumba combines Latin and World rhythms with a mixture of low-intensity and calorie-burning dance moves. It’s basically a workout in disguise. This total body workout not only packs the cardio, but enhances flexibility while boosting energy. This class is great for all levels.

Zumba Gold®

Zumba Gold® is designed for active older adults, and modifies the original program to suit those who don’t want to, or who are unable to exercise as intensely. The class introduces easy-to-follow Zumba® choreography that focuses on balance, range of motion and coordination. Come ready to sweat, and prepare to leave feeling energized and strong.

Yoga Classes

Yoga for Strength is a Hatha-style yoga class that combines strength, flexibility and breath work to create long, lean muscles. Helps relieve stress, create balance and flexibility, and prevent sports and other injuries. Appropriate for all fitness and experience levels.

GentleYoga uses postures, breath work along with meditation. Participants will blissfully enjoy deep mind-body awareness and balance. This is an excellent class for beginners.

Power Yoga is a fast-paced, strengthening yoga class appropriate for fit beginners to advanced students. This one will make you sweat!

Les Mills BodyFlow™

Les Mills BodyFlow™ is ideal for EVERYONE. This 60 minute class is yoga-based and geared to improve your mind and body. Breathing control is a part of all the exercises, and instructors will provide options for those just getting started. You’ll strengthen your entire body and leave the class feeling calm and centered. This will be your HAPPY place.


Pilates is a method of exercise and physical movement designed to stretch, strengthen and balance the body. The focus of this class is to build lean muscle, while incorporating proper breathing, shoulder and pelvic girdle stabilization. With systematic practice of specific exercises coupled with focused breathing patterns, Pilates has proven itself invaluable not only as a fitness endeavor, but also as an important adjunct to professional sports training and physical rehabilitation of all kinds.

Booty Lift

Booty Lift is a class like non other. This fun, dance and Pilates-inspired class aims to tone, lift and reshape your booty, while strengthening and toning your legs. Now who wouldn’t want that?

Aqua Aerobics

Aqua (Water) Aerobics is a fun, low-impact cardio workout that is designed to strengthen and tone your muscles while protecting your ligaments and joints. The use of foam dumbbells and noodles add resistance to your workout. This class is perfect for seniors. So bring your suit and GET WET!

The Silver Sneakers® Fitness Program

Silver Sneakers® is a proven, results-oriented program that enables older adults to take charge of their health and maintain an active, independent lifestyle. Chair support is offered in classes to perform a variety of exercises to challenge any level. Safe for older adults. Instructor provides modifications.

Qi Gong | Tai Chi

Qi Gong (Pronounced Chi Kung) literally means “Life Energy Cultivation”. Qi Gong is an ancient Chinese health care system that integrates physical postures, breathing techniques and focused intention. This socially oriented program promotes health and fitness for life. A healing form of Tai Chi, QiGong has been utilized for centuries for improving circulation, joint pain, flexibility and relaxation. Perfect for everybody and anybody. Be somebody – try Qi Gong today!

Tai Chi (Pronounced Tie Chee) is a form of Chinese Martial Arts that has developed into a graceful form of exercise. Tai Chi helps reduce stress, anxiety and a variety of other health conditions. Described as a meditation, Tai Chi promotes serenity through gentle, flowing movements. Great for all age groups and fitness levels.

  • Class Schedule is Subject to Change.
  • Members must check-in at the reception desk and obtain a class card prior to attending class.
  • Appropriate workout attire and footwear are required.
  • New members should arrive a few minutes early to consult with the instructor.
  • Advance reservations must be made either online, but phone, or at the reception desk for all classes.
  • Alternates with card must wait at the door until the instructor verifies attendance.
  • Use of heavy perfumes or colognes is discouraged.
  • No cell phone usage – please turn off the ringer.
  • Please do not perform your own routines during class, as this may be disruptive to other members.
  • SYC Classes are designed to accommodate all fitness levels.
  • Modifications will be provided.

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