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POOL: 82°              * SPA: 104°

About our Pool

Our Pool features a “salt water” sanitizing system instead of chlorine. The pool is kept at a constant 82°. This larger pool is designed to accommodate lap swimming, water aerobics, swim lessons, pool parties, and recreational family swim.

About the Sauna

The sauna is lined with Western Red Cedar and Redwood, and built in the Finnish style. The sauna is available to help relax your muscles and detox your body. There’s nothing quite like a trip to the sauna after a long workout. So, make sure you leave some time after your workout to unwind – it’s so nice!

About the Spa *(Coming Soon)

2018 will bring more improvements to our pool area. We will be breaking ground and building an outdoor deluxe spa for our members. The anticipated completion date is spring of 2018. Members will be able to enjoy and relax in our outdoor spa after a swim or workout. The temperature will be kept at a perfect 104 degrees.



Life-Extending   Mood-Lifting  Heart-Saving

You probably didn’t know that regular swimming can delay the effects of aging by reducing blood pressure, increasing muscle mass, improving oxygen and blood flow to the brain, and increasing cardiovascular health. Swimming can also improve physical strength and balance in seniors. Seniors who suffer from joint pains can hit the pool to increase flexibility and to reduce joint inflammation. This low-impact sport is easier on the body. And you just thought it was fun!

It’s never too early or too late to start swimming. Jump in and have fun. Your life, health, and well being depend on it. Besides it doesn’t require much equipment – all you need is a swimsuit and a pair of goggles!

Lap Swim is always open when programs are not in session!

Waiting for a Lane: If there are more than 4 swimmers per lane you will need to wait your turn to swim. Please be aware of other swimmers waiting for a lane during busy lap swim hours. Please limit your workout to 30-45 minutes when this occurs.

We have a strong swim and aqua aerobics community at SYC. There are many different user groups ranging from swimmers and walkers to lessons and birthday parties. If you make a suggestion to another swimmer, please try to do it as diplomatically as possible. If you encounter an issue with a fellow swimmer, please notify the Front Desk. Please take a moment and review our pool policies.

Thank you so much and enjoy the pool!

SYC Pool Policies

Basic Pool Policies:

  • Swim Attire Required— please no gym clothes or street shoes.
  • Please shower before using pool, sauna or spa.
  • No food or glass in pool or sauna areas.
  • Children under the age of 11 must be enrolled in a club program.
  • Children 11-13 must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Several people can fit in a lane if proper etiquette is observed and swimmers of like speed swim together.
  • Program/class participants may enter pool 5 minute before class, and must exit pool no more than 5 minutes after class.
  • Lane 1 (stairs) is for Walkers. Up to 12 walkers per lane.
  • Lanes 2-4 are for Swimmers. Up to 4 swimmers per lane.
  • Walkers and swimmers must move in a counter-clockwise rotation.
  • No swimming or walking during classes/programs – schedule available at Front Desk.




• Burns Calories – up 400-500

• Relieves Stress & Decreases Anxiety

• Alleviates Pressure on the Joints

• Builds Endurance

• Increases Muscle Strength

• Increases Flexibility

• Reduces Blood Pressure

Working out in the water is one of the most therapeutic activities one can take part in. Aqua “Water” Aerobics is a great way to get a cardiovascular and strength workout without putting strain on your joints! As the body is subject to water resistance during water aerobic exercise – which requires movement in various directions while adjusting to the push and pull of water – the joints naturally increase their range of motion. In addition, the buoyancy of the water helps reduce the impact we tend to place on our body during a traditional “land workout”. Foam dumbbells and noodles are used to firm, tone and strengthen muscles along with making you look SUPER COOL.

As an added bonus, a little music and a motivational instructor makes this a class one you won’t to miss. Its so Darn Fun you won’t even realize you worked out until you get out of the pool tired. See the *group fitness schedule for class times.


Family Swim Hours

SUNDAY: 1:30pm – 4:30pm*

$5 per Child

(non•members must have Guest Pass)
Pay at the Front Desk

*Please call the club and check that no other event has booked the swimming pool.


Open to Members and Guests. Bring the kids, age 6 months to 11 years, for a fun afternoon of swimming! 

Children under 14 years of age must have direct parental supervision when using the pool. Children must be potty trained or wear a swim diaper. The pool is not to be used for jumping or general “rough housing”.

Note: Children are not allowed in the sauna at anytime and it is not recommended that children under 6 years of age use the spa.



SATURDAYS: 1:00PM – 3:00PM or 3:30PM – 5:30PM

SUNDAY: 11:00AM – 1:00PM

Contact Childcare for your child’s birthday party in our swimming pool! Advanced reservations are required.

For more information click here

A "Healthier" Indoor Pool

We are constantly striving to offer our members the healthiest options available. So, it was pretty much a no-brainer when we elected to use a “salt water” sanitizing system on our indoor pool rather than a traditional chlorine only system. We feel really good about this decision and are very happy with the outcome. Most importantly, the consensus from the members is that our pool is “Fantastic”.  The pool is kept at a constant 82°. ENJOY!

Located at...

130 West Berryhill Drive
Grass Valley, CA 95945

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 Open Daily

Monday-Friday 4:30am-10:00pm
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